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So Hum is an ancient Sanskrit mantra meaning "I am that,"  which represents the connectedness of all beings. It is a powerful mantra used in meditation on the inhalation and exhalation of the breath. So Hum Yoga was created with the intention for the practitioner to gain mind and body awareness of him or herself. Through practice, one can develop an understanding of oneness to all beings.

The health benefits of a regular yoga practice are endless. Yoga creates a strong, flexible body with better muscle tone. It alleviates pain throughout the body, reduces hyper- tension and high blood pressure, and promotes vitality and energy. Yoga helps assist our circulatory health and digestive system to work properly. It also calms the mind through breath awareness, which we then begin to utilize throughout everyday living. Yoga gives us the sense of connecting to our bodies, minds, and spirits and then allows us to extend that union to all beings. Yoga helps to bring us strength, joy, and peace!

So Hum was created by Erin Commendatore; a yoga practitioner since 1992. Erin teaches yoga and Pilates throughout the city of Pittsburgh and will also travel to your home or business. Please click here to see her current schedule.


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